I-MED Pharma is headquartered on the island of Montreal in beautiful Quebec, servicing Canadian ophthalmologists, optometrists and the global eye care community.

Our R&D, marketing and sales teams are experts in the ophthalmic market. They are constantly learning from and sharing their expertise and experiences with stakeholders to improve eye care.

Leaders In Eye Care

I-MED Pharma Inc. creates and distributes innovative medical, surgical and veterinary eye care products. Our mission is simple yet challenging: perfecting sight. To achieve this we continually research, develop and source the most effective and advanced solutions to eye disorders like cataractscorneal transplantsdry eye, and glaucoma.

Established over twenty years ago, I-MED remains uniquely focused on ophthalmology and is divided into three functional business units: Animal Health, Pharma and Surgical. Our focus on improving vision and our experience in the field is supported by our commitment to:

  1. Quality - a commitment to achieve world class quality in everything we do and sell
  2. Customer Service - exceed expectations with every order and shipment
  3. Innovation - provide proven cutting-edge products to help eye care professionals obtain superior results
  4. Technical Expertise - recruiting and developing qualified and skilled staff with decades of ophthalmic industry know-how
  5. Value - provide unmatched value by offering quality products at competitive prices


I-MED Pharma is committed to building honest, ethical and respectful relationships with our all its stakeholders.

Product Quality

As a privately-held Canadian company doing business around the world, I-MED Pharma  complies with a variety of health standards. I-MED Pharma is ISO 13485 certified and holds valid Canadian medical device and establishment licenses. In Canada, products are registered with Health Canada and they are registered elsewhere with the relevant governmental authorities.

Customer Satisfaction

In addition to being clients, both ophthalmologists and veterinarians are valued partners in advancing eye care. As such, I-MED Pharma aims to foster long-term relationships that ultimately benefit patients around the globe. We invite you to share your comments and suggestions on how we can improve our customer service to help us serve you better by contacting us at info@imedpharma.com.

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