With over 20 years of experience in the IOL field, I-MED continues to offer ophthalmologists the most suitable tools to treat patients suffering from cataracts. I-MED Pharma’s wide range of intraocular lenses products give surgeons unmatched flexibility to meet their patients’ needs.

In Canada, I-MED Pharma is the exclusive distributor for Rayner, the world first intraocular lens manufacturer. Rayner’s IOLs include the most advanced design and materials available ensuring excellent surgical results. Complementing this line, I-MED’s own PMMA and silicone give ophthalmologists and cataract patients a full range of choices for cataract surgery.

I-MED Pharma proprietary IOLs are also available across the globe through our business partners.

Rayner Intraocular Lenses

Rayner Lens

In 1949 British surgeon Sir Harold Ridley asked Rayner to design and produce the first IOL. Since this pioneering work in the restoration of sight, Rayner has worked with surgeons around the world in the continued development of the IOL.

More than sixty years later, Rayner’s Rayacryl® C-flex® lenses are minimally invasive implants which, when injected into the eye, bring immediate restoration of sight. In addition to the regular-size monofocal lenses (C-flex®) there is the larger sized lens (Superflex®), the toric lens for correcting pre-existing astigmatism (T-flex®).

I-MED Pharma is the exclusive distributor for Rayner in Canada and the Caribbean.



Acri-Lens Foldable IOLs


I-MED Pharma manufactures a full range of CE marked hydrophilic acrylic IOLs available for sale around the world (excluding Canada and the US).

Lens C-Flex® T-Flex® Superflex®
c-flex superflex  superflex