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Defeating Dry Eye: Walkthrough

(Written by Sarah Dardarian, I-MED Pharma) Hey gamers, didn’t see that sniper lurking across the map? Maybe it’s because you’ve got dry eyes! Next time, manage those dry eye symptoms and protect those in-game stats with the help of I-MED…

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MGD and Demodex and Dry Eye, Oh My!

(Written by Sarah Dardarian, I-MED Pharma) Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is a major factor in Dry Eye Disease (DED), with upwards of 86% of DED sufferers showing evidence of MGD.[1] This chronic condition of the meibomian glands occurs due to…

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Dropping Acid on Dry Eye Disease

Written by Sarah Dardarian (Sales and Marketing Specialist, I-MED Pharma) As the understanding of dry eye disease (DED) increases, so too does the awareness around effective treatment solutions that help in managing this condition. DED is complicated and so is…

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