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A New Generation Of Ophthalmic Instruments. Affordable, High Performance Instruments By MORIA

Surgical stainless-steel tips and durable handles made from a high-tech composite material
High quality reusable instruments at an attractive price
Eliminate the time and expense of dealing with misaligned, bent, damaged, or lost Instruments.

Why Choose To Combine Composite Material with Surgical Stainless Steel?

A very strong material: our composite polymer PEEK retains its mechanical and chemical properties even when exposed to high temperatures and challenging organic or aqueous environments. Because of its robustness, PEEK is used to manufacture items for demanding applications, such as medical implants and aerospace industries.

To make surgery with instruments in less-than-ideal conditions a thing of the past. Like all fine instruments, Composites are subject to bending and can be damaged if misused or dropped, however, unlike conventional instruments, Composites are priced at a level that allows for the instruments to simply be discarded and readily replaced from inventory whenever necessary.

To learn more, click here to download the Composites Cataract brochure …
To learn more, click here to download the Composites Retina brochure …
Click here to see the catalog of composite instruments.

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