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Diagnostic Tools

Discover the Best in Innovation from I-MED Pharma

I-MED Pharma has the quickest, most reliable, and economical diagnostic tools available for accurately measuring tear osmolarity and tear volume in your patients. Patients often suffer from dry eye symptoms without realizing they have the disease. Proper and timely diagnosis is extremely important. I-MED Pharma’s product offering of innovative, high-quality diagnostic tools can help you quickly and effectively assess your patients’ level of dry eye and get them on a path to comfort and relief. Learn more about our diagnostic tools below.

Diagnostic Tools Offered by I-MED Pharma:

  • tearcheck®️
  • I-PEN ®️ Tear Osmolarity System
  • SMTube ®️

About Dry Eye Disease

Tears are vital for ocular health. When the natural tears are lacking in quantity or quality, they do not provide adequate lubrication and protection to the ocular surface, which can cause serious health issues such as dry eye disease. The quality or quantity of the natural tear film is often affected by blockages in the meibomian glands in the eyelids. When the tear film does not properly form because of blocked glands, dry eye symptoms can progress, and this often leads to dry eye disease.

High-Quality Diagnostic Tools

With a commitment to our mission to bring complete relief to dry eye and ocular surface disease patients worldwide, the first step to attaining this goal is through dry eye diagnosis. I-MED Pharma’s leading-edge diagnostic tools will help you to quickly and effectively assess your patients’ tear film and ocular surface. Continue reading to learn more about our innovative diagnostic tools that can help bring your dry eye practice to the next level.



This dry eye diagnostic and analyzer tool performs 9 exams in under 10 minutes. With its revolutionary technology and unique usability, it is the new standard for dry eye analysis. Tearcheck®performs the following exams:

OSIE® – Ocular Surface Inflammatory Evaluation
TFSE® – Tear Film Stability Evaluation
NIBUT – Non-Invasive Breakup Time

With the ability to perform 9 exams with this one revolutionary device, your patients can be diagnosed quickly and put on a dry eye management plan to help alleviate their symptoms.

I - Pen

I-PEN®Tear Osmolarity System

Osmolarity testing is the most objective way of diagnosing and measuring dry eye disease, and it is the single best marker of disease severity. I-MED Pharma is pleased to offer you the I-PEN®, which when used in conjunction with the single-use-sensors, quickly detects and measures the elevated tear film osmolarity levels associated with marginal, mild, moderate, and severe dry eye disease.

This solid state, electronic, diagnostic device provides you with quantitative measurements of osmolarity (the concentration of dissolved salts in solution) of human tears.

The I-PEN® is used in conjunction with the single-use sensors (SUS). The single-use sensors are individually wrapped,with 50 sensors per box. The I-PEN® is for professional in-vivo diagnostic use only.



An important step in diagnosing aqueous deficient dry eye syndrome is performing a quantitative tear function test. The SMTube® is a strip meniscometry test used to measure tear volume in your patients. This is a non-invasive test where tear volume is quantified within five seconds, with no anaesthetic required. Replace the Schirmer’s test in your practice and go from five minutes to five seconds with accurate and reliable results!

Click here to view the complete instructions on how to use the SMTube®.

Get Your Diagnostic Tools Today

Create a dry eye center of excellence with the most innovative and effective diagnostic tools on the market so you can provide your patients with quick and reliable assessments and the highest quality care.  

If you are an eye care professional interested in learning more about our diagnostic product portfolio, please contact us at 1-800-463-1008 or email us at

For patients looking for an eye care professional that carries I-MED Pharma products, please visit our clinic finder.

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