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Continuously Innovating in the Field of Dry Eye

I-MED Pharma is Your Partner in Eye Care


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Hedda G.Quebec
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"After trying several brands of eye drop for my dry eyes, none of which worked for me, my optometrist suggested I-Drop MGD. I am amazed at how they have changed my life. No longer am I embarrassed by constantly having to dab my tearing eyes! Thanks I-Med Pharma."
Canmore Family Eyecare – Dr. Joanna Phillips (OD) Canmore, Alberta
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"When I recommend I-Drop Pur to my patients, I always tell them it is my personal favourite artificial tear. I tell the patient "If you forget what it's called, just let the receptionists know that it's Dr. Jo's favourite one!" They all know what that is."
Alison M.British Columbia
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“I had laser eye surgery about ten years ago and over the last 3 or 4 years have experienced very dry eyes. Especially overnight. Some mornings they were so dry I couldn’t even open them. I have tried just about every eye drop over the counter and none have worked as well as I-DROP® PUR GEL.”
Alanna G.Quebec
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“After years of suffering from dry eyes I have finally found some relief. These drops have improved my quality of life because I am not constantly preoccupied with putting drops in my eyes throughout the day!! Thanks I-MED Pharma!”
Spruce Grove Vision Care – Dr. Raminder Gill (OD) & Karen Kreye (Office Manager)Spruce Grove, Alberta
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"We here at Spruce Grove Vision Care have been recommending and personally using I-Med Products since 2016. We believe in the benefits that the products provide. From the relief of dry eye to the daily cleansing of the Lid and Lash wipes. We recommend them to all our patients who suffer from severe to moderate dry eye."