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Dry Eye Disease Diagnosis and Management
Richard Maharaj, OD, FAAO

In Vivo Ocular Surface Osmolarity in a Dry Eye Population
Richard L. Maharaj, OD, FAAO
Clinical Director, eyeLABS Optometry and Center for Ocular Surface Disease
Associate Clinical Adjunct Faculty, University of Waterloo School of Optometry

Performance of an In Vivo Tear Film Osmometer in Normal Ocular Surface Conditions
Henry Reis, MD; Stefanie Grenier, BSc; Daniela Albuquerque, MD

Novel Device Provides Rapid Measure of Tear Osmolarity
Ophthalmology Times Ophthalmology Dry eye
By Nancy Groves
Reviewed by Henry Reis, MD, OD

Validity and Reliability of a Novel Handheld Osmolarity System for Measurement of a National Institute of Standards Traceable Solution

Clara C. Chan, MD, FRCSC, FACS,* Armand Borovik, MBBS, FRANZCO,† Ilan Hofmann, PhD,‡ Eric Gulliver, BSc (Hons),§ and Guillermo Rocha, MD, FRCSC, FACS¶

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