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A World Pioneer in Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Devices, I-MED Pharma Is Proud to Offer the Largest Variety of OVDs on the Market with Our Exclusive Proprietary Line of Products.

I-VISC® 18

  • Cohesive Dispersive
  • 1.8% synthetic sodium hyaluronate
  • 2.0 mL syringe with 23G cannula


  • Viscoadaptive
  • 2.5% sodium hyaluronate
  • 0.85 mL syringe with 25G cannula


  • Cohesive
  • 1% sodium hyaluronate
  • 0.85 mL syringe with 27G cannula

For more information on a specific product or to place an order, please contact customer service @ 514-685-8118 or 1-800-463-1008.

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