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Even Smaller Clear Cornea Incision with New DMEK Instrument Set.

(Geuder products are temporarily unavailable.  Please contact your sales rep for more information.)

With its DMEK instruments, the German company, Geuder AG offers an innovative solution for the therapy of endothelial corneal diseases. At the heart of the DMEK instruments is the DMEK implantation cartridge developed by Prof. Dr. Peter Szurman M.D at Knappschaft-Augenklinik Sulzbach in Germany. This cartridge ensures a contactless and atraumatic intake of the fragile descemet lamella by smooth aspiration and, thanks to the streamlined design and the embedding in liquid, a gentle injection into the anterior chamber of the patient´s eye. Another advantage derives from the high transparency of the glass cartridge, which allows a controlled positioning of the descemet lamella during the injection.

As a complement to the already successfully applied and reliable cartridge, GEUDER enables a 20% smaller incision with the next cartridge generation. As a result, the risk of a surgically induced astigmatism is further reduced. Surgeons can make a case-specific decision about the suited version.

No Touch.

  • Contactless intake of the graft into the cartridge by smooth aspiration. Gentle injection into the anterior chamber.
  • Reduced risk of damage to the fragile graft and less endothelial cell loss.

No Friction.

  • Embedding into liquid allows a smooth sliding of the graft into the anterior chamber.
  • Safe flow of the graft through the streamlined design of the glass cartridge in addition to the sterile implantation cartridge a selection of instruments for the preparation of the donor and recipient eye as well as for the implantation of the graft is available.

For more information on a specific product or to place an order, please contact us @ 514-685-8118 or 1-800-463-1008.

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