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For Safe Implantation of Grafts During DMEK Surgery

Based on the platform of ERGOJECT™ by Medicel, the GÜELL DMEK INJECTOR is the only one-handed screw injector in the world. It gives surgeons superior control, while their second hand is free to manipulate the eye.

✓ One-handed control for increased reliability
✓ Ergonomic injection designed to be used in a relaxed hand position
✓ Enhanced grip ensures secure positioning in the surgeon’s hand
✓ Smaller incision size of 2.2mm reduces the risk of surgical induced astigmatism
✓ More advanced introduction capabilities allow for proper positioning of the graft
✓ Made with Swiss quality technology & standards

One-handed Control

The GÜELL DMEK INJECTOR combines the best of previous concepts: Control of a screw injector and one-handed usability of push inserters. The first fully, single-use injector with integrated micro-gear minimized force for fingertip movement.

Ergonomic Injection

With the intuitive handling like a pen, the GÜELL DMEK INJECTOR is designed to be used in a relaxed hand position. The enhanced grip ensures the secure positioning in the surgeon’s hand. The hand positioning is close to the distal end, which increases the control during injection.

2.2mm Incision Size

Glass tubes require larger incisions, which can cause a greater risk of surgical induced astigmatism.

The GÜELL DMEK INJECTOR can be introduced exceeding corneal center, into the anterior chamber. The introduction capabilities allow positioning of the graft into its required position.

The injection principle of glass tubes is to flush the graft into the anterior chamber. Injection with a glass tube requires higher amounts of fluid, which can lead to increased anterior pressure. This in turn, can cause a backflush when removing the glass tube from the incision. This backflush could likely flush the graft out of the anterior chamber. Furthermore, the risk of flushing the graft out of the glass tube while preparing the glass tube for injection, is high.

GÜELL DMEK 2.2 Injector Set

DK2200 GÜELL DMEK 2.2 Injector Set 2.2mm Box of 1


Developed and tested in cooperation with José Güell, MD.

For more information on the GÜELL DMEK INJECTOR, please contact us @ 514-685-8118 or 1-800-463-1008.

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