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Trephines and Punches

Single-Use Vacuum Trephine #17201 and Corneal Vacuum Punch

The Single-Use Adjustable Vacuum Trephine: Designed to produce straight-walled cuts, the adjustable trephine features an adjustment ring which enables setting the blade descent depth. Its centration indicator ensures no parallax errors. Moreover, its vacuum surface is 3 times more efficient than a standard trephine and its limbal suction features a central corneal support design for a perfect conformation to the cornea.

I-MED Pharma is a proud exclusive distributor of MORIA.

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Single Use Non-adjustable Trephine #17202 and Artificial Chamber #17204

MORIA has delivered what corneal surgeons have been asking for: A single-use vacuum trephine (#17202) designed to produce straight-walled cuts for penetrating the lamellar keratoplasty.

• Central flattening for straight-walled cuts
• Cornea is maintained during trephination, inside and outside the blade
• Flattening system conforms perfectly to the cornea
• Limbal suction for greater efficiency
• Very thin, symmetrical blade

Precise cut

Adjustment ring enables setting the blade descent depth in 50-micron increments, from 200 to 1200µm.

Larger vacuum surface

Vacuum surface and suction strength are 3 times greater than other single-use trephines.

Accurate centration indicator

Transparent centration indicator ensures optimal positioning and no parallax errors.

Good ergonomics

Comfortable, stress-free design

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