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“Good day. I just had to send you folks an email and let you know I love your I- Drop Pur. I have suffered from dry eyes for years, getting worse each year. Tried every drop on the market. If I attended any indoor sporting event or concert, family get together, even in a pool, my eyes just watered. Sometimes so bad, I couldn’t go anywhere without a pocket full of kleenex. My ophthalmologist and I discussed it again at my regular checkup on July 5th and she suggested the I-Drop Pur. I figured, what the heck I’ll give it a try. Well, my life has totally changed and after just a week I went back and bought a second bottle (one in my purse, one at home). My eyes have improved 100%. Tearing is down to an absolute minimum. I can’t say enough good comments about these drops but I’m one very happy customer.

Have a great day”