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Advisory Board

Ken McCracken


Ken is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, CEO & board member. His business philosophy is based on key principles of operating in a continued state of preparedness, financial robustness, simplicity, long-term vision & agility.

Ken leverages his extended background in M&A with experience building, running, growing & exiting businesses in manufacturing and life sciences.

He has a deep understanding that entrepreneurial success is the result of careful strategy and design.

Ken has been married for over 25 years and has three children.

Robert Rudy


Rob has spent the past 30 years building and leading companies while developing leaders through inviting change, making critical choices, and achieving results. He has been an entrepreneur in a family business, managed in a public company, and has led privately held companies. Rob has worked in industries as diverse as textiles, lighting, and medical devices, with global manufacturing experience, while partnering with global clients.

Rob’s focus is to engage and empower people to achieve company goals while exceeding client expectations. Today, Rob is following a passion, working closely with CEOs and their leadership teams by building highly accountable teams. Doing so, Rob believes, allows companies to exceed their goals by making smart and healthy steps to achieve great success.

Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Shaun MacInnis, OD

Owner of Island Eyecare in Sydney, Nova Scotia

Dr. Shaun MacInnis was born in Sydney and grew up in Prime Brook. He completed a three-year Bachelor of Science degree at the University College of Cape Breton before finishing optometry, with honours, at the University of Waterloo in 2007.

Dr. MacInnis continues to pursue an interest in contact lenses, dry eye disease, children’s vision, and macular degeneration in his current practice.  In regards to dry eye disease, Dr MacInnis is one of the first optometrists east of Ottawa to be part of MyDryEye, “Canada’s premiere network that connects patients suffering from dry eye disease with practitioners who are able to help.” In 2020, he became one of two optometrists in the country to be named a consultant for E>Eye IRPL® technology with I-MED Pharma.

Away from the office, Dr. MacInnis will most likely be found outside. Whether it is hiking, running, mountain biking, golfing, or kayaking he usually has his dog or family in tow.


Clinical director of Market Mall Eye Clinic in Calgary

Dr. Sal Jivraj Is Clinical director of Market Mall Eye Clinic and Southcentre Eye Clinic inside LensCrafters, Calgary.

He focused his MBA thesis on the Development of Specialist Dry Eye Services in Optometric Practice. He is the creator of the DryiRelief app. A free iPhoneAndroid and web app (DryiRelief) to help dry eye suffers. The app was designed to help patients with their dry eye management and increase compliance with their dry eye treatment. The DryiRelief app gives patients reminders, feedback for compliance and questionnaires to assess improvement. The also provides reports for the patients to give to their local OD, detailing their compliance with the dry eye regimen.

Dr Sal was appointed to the TFOS 2021 Workshop: Digital Environment Subcommittee and to the World Council of Optometry – Membership Board Committee 2021-2023.

Dr Sal is a:
Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
Fellow of British Contact Lens Association
Fellow of College of Optometrists (UK)
Fellow of the European Academy of Optometry
Fellow of the International Association of Contact lens educators.

Dr. Sal was awarded the Johnson and Johnson, Top 40 Under 40 Canada 2018, the BCLA Dry Eye Practitioner of the Year Award in 2019 and Association of Optometrists (AOP) – Optometrist of The Year 2020

He is currently conducting research on IPL treatments and machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) in the management of dry eye disease.

Dr. Steven D’Orio, OD

Dr. Steven D’Orio first became interested in the field of Optometry during high school. This led him to take more interest and involvement into his father’s practice. With time, he attended the University of Waterloo for his undergrad, where he completed a Biomedical Science degree with a minor in Biology.  Afterwards, he attended Salus University School of Optometry in Pennsylvania, where he gained international experience that has led him to succeed as an optometrist. Dr. D’Orio experienced working in primary care and triaging for ocular emergencies in Albert Einstein Hospital, low vision at The Eye Institute, as well as further training at Will’s Eye Hospital where he specialized in contact lenses and ocular disease. As an Optometrist, Dr. D’Orio has taken special interest with the study and practise of dry eye symptoms/patient concern. He has also incorporated the latest equipment and treatment options for his patients’ needs. Dr. Steven D’Orio is known for his patience, dedication, and attention to detail for each patient care.

Dr. Henri Reis, MD

Dr. Henry Reis is a physician, author, editor, and educator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he graduated from the University of Brazil (UFRJ), with a summa cum laude Ophthalmology degree.

Dr. Reis practices full scope optometry and is the owner of Integra Eyecare Centre. This centre of excellence in ocular surface disease, located in Burnaby, BC has recently won the prestigious 2020 Burnaby Board of Trade Business of the Year Award. Dr. Reis has served as the BCDO Vice-President, Chair of the Provincial Telehealth Committee and Editor Emeritus of the CRO Journal. He is proud to be a medical advisor for I-MED Pharma since 2015.

Dr. Henry Reis’ recognitions include the 2018 Top 40 under 40 Optometrists in Canada, the Top 5 Businessperson of the Year Award by the Burnaby Board of Trade in both 2019 and 2020 and most recently the 2020 Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award.

In addition to his contributions to the advancement of his profession, Dr. Reis loves to travel, play tennis, and spend time with his wife and son.