Advisory Board

Ken McCracken

Corporate Advisor

Ken is an entrepreneur, advisor, investor, CEO & board member. His business philosophy is based on key principles of operating in a continued state of preparedness, financial robustness, simplicity, long-term vision & agility.

Ken leverages his extended background in M&A with experience building, running, growing & exiting businesses in manufacturing and life sciences.

He has a deep understanding that entrepreneurial success is the result of careful strategy and design.

Ken has been married for over 25 years and has three children.

Robert Rudy

Corporate Advisor

Rob has spent the past 30 years building and leading companies while developing leaders through inviting change, making critical choices, and achieving results. He has been an entrepreneur in a family business, managed in a public company, and has led privately held companies. Rob has worked in industries as diverse as textiles, lighting, and medical devices, with global manufacturing experience, while partnering with global clients.

Rob’s focus is to engage and empower people to achieve company goals while exceeding client expectations. Today, Rob is following a passion, working closely with CEOs and their leadership teams by building highly accountable teams. Doing so, Rob believes, allows companies to exceed their goals by making smart and healthy steps to achieve great success.

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