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Written Testimonials

Jacquie C., Quebec

"I have tried a variety of the I-MED Pharma dry eye products and not only do they work for me, but I'm very happy to support a local Montreal company. I was having trouble with my dry eyes and was using a different ointment until my optometrist suggested that I try I-DEFENCE. My optometrist also introduced me to your I-RELIEF mask which I like very much, and my absolute favorite is the I-LID 'N LASH PLUS wipes with tea tree oil. Absolutely wonderful!"

Hedda G., Quebec

"After trying several brands of eye drop for my dry eyes, none of which worked for me, my optometrist suggested I-Drop MGD. I am amazed at how they have changed my life. No longer am I embarrassed by constantly having to dab my tearing eyes! Thanks I-Med Pharma."

Dianne P., Ontario

"I have suffered from severe dry eyes for almost 2 years and have tried every product on the market to get relief.  Since I switched to using I-DROP® PUR GEL, the condition has improved dramatically.   I-DROP® PUR GEL is much more durable than any other product designed for use during the day.  It is also compatible with my scleral lenses without causing blurry vision.  It relieves redness and the burning sensation that I used to feel throughout the day.  In my opinion, the I-DROP® PUR GEL is truly the best eye drop on the market.  Every time I visit my optometrist, I stock up on I-DROP® PUR GEL.  Thanks I-MED Pharma for this amazing product!"

Alanna G., Quebec.

“After years of suffering from dry eyes I have finally found some relief. These drops have improved my quality of life because I am not constantly preoccupied with putting drops in my eyes throughout the day!! Thanks I-MED Pharma!”

Alison M., British Columbia

“I had laser eye surgery about ten years ago and over the last 3 or 4 years have experienced very dry eyes. Especially overnight. Some mornings they were so dry I couldn’t even open them. I have tried just about every eye drop over the counter and none have worked as well as I-DROP® PUR GEL.”

Elana R., Quebec

“I’ve been using I-MED Pharma products for a few years now. They have helped my dry eyes and blepharitis immensely. I use the preservative-free eye drops daily and have reduced chronic eye infections almost entirely by using the I Lid N’ Lash Wipes. Using these products has become such a part of my routine, that I often forget when I’m using the wipes to remove eye makeup that they are also cleansing my eyelids. At a recent visit to my ophthalmologist, my doctor examined my eyes under a microscope and told me I had the cleanest lashes she had seen in months.  I truly believe the eye care products by I-MED Pharma are superior to any others available on the market. They’ve made a huge difference for me and I recommend them to anyone looking for dry eye help.”

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