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Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

Markham Stouffville Optometry – Nazeera (Front Desk) Markham, ON

Good Morning Rilley

I would like to thank you for the Pur Gel Drops. I had an issue in February and have been using the drops diligently everyday. I want to share with you my dilemma in wearing contact lenses due to my dry eyes. Since using the Pur, I feel comfortable keeping my contacts on for a longer period of time than my comfort level allowed in the past. The soothing effect of the drops is evident immediately.

Both my daughters have been using the Pur and Pur Gel for a number of years. Our family has been recommending the I Med products to our friends and family.

Since October, my uncle started to use the MGD as he has been in the hospital with health issues. The medications he had been prescribed have caused severe dryness in his eyes, In addition, the hospital does not allow patients to bring in a humidifier due to safety concerns with electric cords. The relief he has found with MGD speaks volumes about the product and the features that I Med affiliates with the MGD. He is now a regular user of the MGD and will not go back to Hydrasense.

Thank you for your recommendations. We value your expertise and are so happy that you have  introduced us to products that are reliable and helpful.

Kind regards,
Nazeera and family.”

Magic Optical – Leeda (Co-founder) Thornhill, ON

I want to thank you for introducing me to the most amazing product. I-LID ‘N LASH Eye make up remover is the best thing I’ve tried so far; I have extremely sensitive skin and to top it off very dry eyes with meibomian glands not functioning at their 100%. Every eye makeup remover that I have tried so far hasn’t been as gentle as promised on the packaging. From rose water essential oil infuse to alcohol free I’ve tried them all over the years and nothing has been as gentle as this product. I was beautifully surprise by lushness of the pads and how it did not burn my eyes, and that I didn’t have to wash my face to get rid of the residue. I can get between my lashes and it won’t hurt or feel uncomfortable, I put my eye cream right after it dries and what a wonderful feeling that is. Thank you so much.

Reena K., Ontario

“I have very dry eyes and the only drops that give me immediate and long-lasting relief are the I-DROP® PUR GEL drops by I-MED Pharma Inc. I use the one specific for severe dry eye (i.e. the dark blue bottle).

Dry eyes are very uncomfortable and I know the struggle of finding treatments and drops that are effective and provide long-lasting relief.

With this in mind, I wanted to save you time and let you know these are the best drops to get your hands on!”

Lea H., Manitoba

“I have been using two of your products, the I-Drops and the I-Lid and Lash plus. I have been using these products for close to a year now. I love them! Thank you very much! Again, I love your products!”

Sherwood Park Eye Centre – Holly Veinot & Lesley Parsons (Ocular Hygienists & Cosmetics Consultants) Edmonton, Alberta

“Our office chooses I-Med for their service and support in progressing our dry eye clinic towards success. With confidence in their products, we recommend their solutions to all of our patients.”

Eye to Eye Optometry – Dr. Leanne Kile (OD) Edmonton, Alberta

“A big thank you to I-Med and our helpful rep, Danny, for setting us up with LidNLash Eye Makeup Remover pads!  They work great, and I appreciate having a product I can confidently recommend to patients, knowing it won’t aggravate their dry eyes.  Love it!”

Airdrie Family Eye Doctors – Dr. Heather Cowie (OD) Airdrie, Alberta

“I’ve been so happy with our I med rep with helping us managing expired product! We feel really supported and cared for. I med has also jumped to support us on our community initiatives which is at the core of who we are, and we are very grateful for that.”

Infinite Eye Care – Dr. Jassar (OD) Edmonton, Alberta

“The I-MED products are amazing! Our patients facing dry eyes have never felt more relieved. We would recommend these products to anyone who is facing dry eyes.“

Fovea optométristes – (Receptionist) Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Quebec

“We find your product to be amazing. Sue gave us excellent services and very fast dispatch.”

Visionary Eye Centre – Shannon Frew (Manager) Sherwood Park, Alberta

“The staff at Visionary Eye Centre love using I-Med products! On top of being a high quality Canadian made brand, the product line is also simplified and very easy to understand. Our team is confidently able to offer custom dry eye treatments for our patients based on their specific needs. We have seen a tremendous improvement in our patients’ dry eye concerns after recommending these products and treatment plans. I-Med provides exceptional customer service to our clinic, always going above and beyond to help our team and our patients.”

Canmore Family Eyecare – Dr. Joanna Phillips (OD) Canmore, Alberta

“When I recommend I-Drop Pur to my patients, I always tell them it is my personal favourite artificial tear. I tell the patient “If you forget what it’s called, just let the receptionists know that it’s Dr. Jo’s favourite one!” They all know what that is.”

Airdrie Eye Care Centre – Dr. Jared Long (OD) & Shannon (Office Manager) Airdrie, Alberta

“We at Airdrie Eye Care Centre are truly happy and satisfied with the service we receive and the fast attentive service that is provided to us. Thank you so much for the continued great service.”

Spruce Grove Vision Care – Dr. Raminder Gill (OD) & Karen Kreye (Office Manager) Spruce Grove, Alberta

“We here at Spruce Grove Vision Care have been recommending and personally using I-Med Products since 2016. We believe in the benefits that the products provide. From the relief of dry eye to the daily cleansing of the Lid and Lash wipes. We recommend them to all our patients who suffer from severe to moderate dry eye.”

Janet M., British Columbia

“I recently visited my Optometrist who had a display of many I-MED PHARMA INC. products in her exam room and I learned that she highly recommends these to all her patients. When you trust a product due to personal experience it is easy to recommend, My family and I have been using I-MED PHARMA INC products for years and I can attest to our eyes feeling comfortable and remaining refreshed especially during the B.C. pollen and mountain top ski seasons.”

Carly R., British Columbia

“Five years ago I developed a number of allergies and sensitivities that impacted my health and wellness. My eyes were often very dry and itchy for long periods of time which felt uncomfortable. I used various over-the-counter eye drops but sometimes had negative reactions to these products. I started using I-DROP PUR, a preservative-free eye drop which soothed my eyes and quickly helped improve my comfort in a significant way. I continue to use I-DROP PUR on a regular basis and am very pleased with how much it’s helped. I highly recommend this product which has provided my eyes with much needed relief!”

Cynthia R., Quebec

“I have been introduced to I-MED in order to have a good eye hygiene and contain my blepharitis. The I-LID-N-LASH plus has been a game changer for my routine! The tea tree and hyaluronic acid make such a difference and they keep my eyes glowing! With all the irritants we’re dealing with today leading to dry eyes, the I-DROP pur and I-DROP MGD make my eyes feel fresher than ever. These products really cannot compare to anything else on the market!”

Cindy K., British Columbia

“I’m so incredibly thankful to have had you stop by and present your products! I can provide great testimonial to the effectiveness of the MGD drops and a hopeful the doctor will agree to promote them in the office. Today I’ve had to spend most of my day on the computer, which triggers dry eye for me due to less than optimal blinking frequency. Typically I use a different brand three to four times in a five hour stretch of computer work – one drop of MGD did it! Absolutely thrilled. Thank you.”

Gayle G., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

“Good day. I just had to send you folks an email and let you know I love your I- Drop Pur. I have suffered from dry eyes for years, getting worse each year. Tried every drop on the market. If I attended any indoor sporting event or concert, family get together, even in a pool, my eyes just watered. Sometimes so bad, I couldn’t go anywhere without a pocket full of kleenex. My ophthalmologist and I discussed it again at my regular checkup on July 5th and she suggested the I-Drop Pur. I figured, what the heck I’ll give it a try. Well, my life has totally changed and after just a week I went back and bought a second bottle (one in my purse, one at home). My eyes have improved 100%. Tearing is down to an absolute minimum. I can’t say enough good comments about these drops but I’m one very happy customer.

Have a great day”

Jacquie C., Quebec

“I have tried a variety of the I-MED Pharma dry eye products and not only do they work for me, but I’m very happy to support a local Montreal company. I was having trouble with my dry eyes and was using a different ointment until my optometrist suggested that I try I-DEFENCE. My optometrist also introduced me to your I-RELIEF mask which I like very much, and my absolute favorite is the I-LID ‘N LASH PLUS wipes with tea tree oil. Absolutely wonderful!”

Hedda G., Quebec

“After trying several brands of eye drop for my dry eyes, none of which worked for me, my optometrist suggested I-Drop MGD. I am amazed at how they have changed my life. No longer am I embarrassed by constantly having to dab my tearing eyes! Thanks I-Med Pharma.”

Dianne P., Ontario

“I have suffered from severe dry eyes for almost 2 years and have tried every product on the market to get relief.  Since I switched to using I-DROP® PUR GEL, the condition has improved dramatically.   I-DROP® PUR GEL is much more durable than any other product designed for use during the day.  It is also compatible with my scleral lenses without causing blurry vision.  It relieves redness and the burning sensation that I used to feel throughout the day.  In my opinion, the I-DROP® PUR GEL is truly the best eye drop on the market.  Every time I visit my optometrist, I stock up on I-DROP® PUR GEL.  Thanks I-MED Pharma for this amazing product!”

Alanna G., Quebec.

“After years of suffering from dry eyes I have finally found some relief. These drops have improved my quality of life because I am not constantly preoccupied with putting drops in my eyes throughout the day!! Thanks I-MED Pharma!”

Alison M., British Columbia

“I had laser eye surgery about ten years ago and over the last 3 or 4 years have experienced very dry eyes. Especially overnight. Some mornings they were so dry I couldn’t even open them. I have tried just about every eye drop over the counter and none have worked as well as I-DROP® PUR GEL.”

Elana R., Quebec

“I’ve been using I-MED Pharma products for a few years now. They have helped my dry eyes and blepharitis immensely. I use the preservative-free eye drops daily and have reduced chronic eye infections almost entirely by using the I Lid N’ Lash Wipes. Using these products has become such a part of my routine, that I often forget when I’m using the wipes to remove eye makeup that they are also cleansing my eyelids. At a recent visit to my ophthalmologist, my doctor examined my eyes under a microscope and told me I had the cleanest lashes she had seen in months.  I truly believe the eye care products by I-MED Pharma are superior to any others available on the market. They’ve made a huge difference for me and I recommend them to anyone looking for dry eye help.”