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Effectively Diagnose and Manage Your Patients’ Dry Eye Disease with Innovative Solutions from I-MED Pharma!

Are you aware that 20-25% of the population suffers from dry eye disease (DED)? On top of that, another 5% of unsuspecting people don’t even realize that they have dry eyes. The risk of developing DED increases with age, with women being more prone to the disease, however, ocular surface disease (OSD) is becoming more common in younger people and more prevalent among the population due to the use of devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Once viewed as a painful nuisance, dry eye disease today is considered a “critical and significant public health issue.”1

The rising influence of DED on people’s everyday life is difficult to ignore, which is why it’s important for eye care professionals (ECPs) to be equipped with accurate dry eye diagnostic tools and effective management solutions. I-MED Pharma, the leader in dry eye diagnostics and management, works closely with eye care professionals to offer “Best in Class” solutions to better diagnose and manage DED.

Building a successful dry eye practice involves being able to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat DED patients. To do this, eye care professionals need to implement a systematic approach to diagnosing and treating this multifactorial disease, using all quantifiable parameters that are available.

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Tools to help diagnose dry eye

Dry eye disease is one of the most common reasons why a patient visits an ECP. Due to the wide range of ocular surface abnormalities that exist and a variety of presenting symptoms that can change from day to day and vary from patient to patient, determining the cause of dry eye is challenging through traditional examination practices.

Professional tools to help diagnose dry eye from I-MED Pharma play a vital role in accurately diagnosing dry eye and allowing for earlier intervention. The global eye care community needs access to reliable, fast, and easy to use devices which allows them to better help and treat their dry eye patients.

I-PEN® Tear Osmolarity System

Detect and Monitor Tear Osmolarity Quickly and Effectively Osmolarity testing is the most objective way of diagnosing and measuring dry eye disease and the single best marker of disease severity. I-MED Pharma is pleased to offer you the I-PEN®, which, when used in conjunction with the single-use-sensors, is the only measuring device to detect and measure the elevated tear film osmolarity levels associated with marginal, mild, moderate, and severe DED.


Strip Meniscometry Test For Measuring Tear Volume

This is a non-invasive test where tear volume is quantified within five seconds, with no anesthetic required. Replace the Schirmer’s Test in your practice and go from five minutes to five seconds with accurate and reliable results.


A leading diagnostic and analyzing tool, tearcheck® provides eye care professionals with the latest technological advancements to simplify dry eye diagnosis. Unlike anything the global eye care community has seen, tearcheck® is a fully automatic screening device that has easy-to-read metrics, providing ECPs with a visual explanation of patients’ dry eye signs and symptoms. Its user interface is intuitive, quick, and easy to use and can perform multiple examinations in under 10 minutes, all in one device.

Relief & Dry Eye Management Solutions

Once dry eye disease has been diagnosed in a patient, eye care professionals will need to determine a concise treatment plan to help relieve and manage their discomforting symptoms. Presenting symptoms can change from day to day, and vary from patient to patient, so ECPs need access to a broad range of dry eye products that are not only effective at easing dry eye symptoms, but also provide longer-term dry eye management for keeping their patients’ eyes healthy.

The broad range of dry eye products offered by I-MED Pharma — from viscoadaptive artificial tears and ocular hygiene products to nutrition for dry eyes, and more — can help alleviate patients’ dry eyes. Depending on the severity and frequency of symptoms that patients are experiencing, many of these products can be used to create a suitable management option for their ocular health.

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Discover Dry Eye Management Solutions and Treatment Options from I-MED Pharma

Help Patients See More Clearly

Tools to help diagnose dry eye from I-MED Pharma can be instrumental in proper diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the I-MED Pharma portfolio of dry eye products can offer effective relief of symptoms in patients with OSD. For more information about I-MED Pharma products or to arrange an in-clinic demonstration, please contact your local I-MED Pharma sales representative or customer service.

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1. Dalton, Michelle. 2019. “Understanding Prevalence, Demographics of Dry Eye Disease.” Ophthalmology Times.