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Are You Aware That 20-25% of the Population Suffers From Dry Eye Syndrome?

On Top of That, Another 5% of Unsuspecting People Don’t Even Realize They Have It!

As an eye care professional, the I-PEN® offers you the capability to identify which patients may have dry eyes, even if they are not experiencing symptoms. With the I- PEN®, you can quantitatively and accurately measure the osmolarity of the eye in a matter of seconds and diagnose the syndrome at the earliest stage of onset. Patients can then be guided to the most appropriate treatment options available.

Our complete line of OSD products can be your turnkey solution for all your patients’ ocular surface needs. If you are interested in setting up an in-house information session with one of our reps, please feel free to contact us so we can highlight our benefits and help you to grow your practice.

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