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Diagnose, Treat, and Manage: The Three-Pronged Approach for Dry Eye

(I-MED Pharma)

The face of dry eye is changing, no longer the traditional image of a post-menopausal woman, because this prevalent disease can affect anyone – from preteens to the elderly – in part due to the increasing use of screens in our digital world.

Effective diagnosis, treatment, and subsequent at-home management of dry eye disease improves the quality of life for patients and provides relief from discomforting symptoms. During the Eyes on Dry Eye 2022 virtual event, ocular surface disease (OSD) expert Dr. Cynthia Matossian (M.D., F.A.C.S., Founder of Matossian Eye Associates) discussed the complete process of diagnosing, treating, and managing dry eye disease in patients using I-MED Pharma’s complete range of OSD products.

Watch a recording of Dr. Matossian speak at Eyes on Dry Eye below:

Why is it important to diagnose, treat, and manage dry eye disease?

Dry eye can cause a range of discomforting symptoms, negatively impacting both physical and mental health. Therefore, it is important to “diagnose” the disease (which includes educating the patient), “treat” in-office with a long-lasting solution, and then “manage” with at-home therapies.

TearcheckTearcheck® is a Health Canada approved, state-of-the-art dry eye diagnostic & analyzer tool, which performs 9 exams in under 10 minutes:

  • OSIE® – Ocular Surface Inflammatory Evaluation
  • TFSE® – Tear Film Stability Evaluation
  • NIBUT – Non-Invasive Breakup Time

Tearcheck® represents the newest dry eye exploration technology currently available on the market in an easy-to-use, portable visualization device. Each test contributes a piece to the dry eye puzzle, which allows eye care professionals to develop customized treatment plans for each individual patient. In addition, tearcheck® can wirelessly connect to a printer so that patients can see their results, which is an important tool in understanding this disease.

E>EYE with IRPL® technology is specifically designed for the treatment of dry eyes due to Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), which is a principal cause of dry eye disease.

Health Canada approved, the session treatments take only a few minutes and lead to an improvement in the function of the Meibomian glands in a very short amount of time (approximately two hours).

The results of several independent, international studies on E>Eye have shown that:

  • 96% of patients recommend the treatment.
  • 83% of patients confirm improvement of symptoms.
  • 55% of patients stop using eye drops after the treatment.

If you are an eye care professional in Canada, schedule a free tearcheck® & E>Eye demonstration from your local dry eye consultant today.


I-MED Pharma’s portfolio includes high-quality ocular surface disease solutions such as preservative-free, viscoadaptive artificial tears, ocular hygiene cleansers, omega-3 nutritional supplements, a night-time ointment, and a therapeutic hot & cold eye mask.

I-DROP® , the line of preservative-free, artificial tears, effectively and quickly relieves dry eye symptoms and can provide several benefits for the ocular surface.

Daily ocular hygiene using the I-LID ’N LASH® line, helps break the dry eye cycle and removes ocular debris, reduces bioburden, and improves the effectiveness of artificial tears.

Omega-3 nutritional supplements found in the I-VU® line help provide dry eye relief and addresses a patient’s symptoms systemically as opposed to topically.

This three-pronged approach of diagnosing, treating, and managing dry eye disease is part of I-MED Pharma’s complete range of OSD products. If you are a patient experiencing dry eye symptoms, try taking our dry eye test and schedule an appointment with an eye care professional at a dry eye clinic near you.

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