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Spotlights & Highlights of 2021

(I-MED Pharma)

It’s the end of the year, one of our busiest yet, and this holiday season we would like to take a moment to reflect on all the positive events that have happened over the last 12 months at I-MED Pharma.

As always, we are continuously #advancingthescienceofdryeye, most recently through the publication of two companion papers in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery, the rheological behavior of commercial artificial tear solutions and the role of rheology in tears and artificial tears. For a quick read on why these two articles help in choosing the right eye drop, read this blog post. These two articles are a great reminder of why our I-DROP® MGD is the most advanced eye drop on the market today for hydrating and lubricating the cornea.

Our portfolio of dry eye products has broadened this year with the successful launch of two innovative ocular surface disease (OSD) products, the I-LID ’N LASH® HOCL CLEANSING SPRAY (with an accompanying blog post explaining why HOCl is an important component of optimal daily ocular hygiene) and the I-VU® OMEGA-3 nutritional supplement. We are committed to providing eye care professionals with new and effective products that are in demand in the marketplace to help them treat their patients while growing their dry eye practices.


Another exciting addition to our digital content this year is the launch of a brand-new podcast series titled Keeping it Real with AMQ, hosted by Anne Marie Quenneville (Vice-President of Sales & Brand Management). These dynamic episodes feature a stand-out guest list and are packed with in-depth information on a variety of topics. We also have a newly updated YouTube channel where you can find informative content related to dry eye under playlists such as educational videos, webinars, product training videos, and a few fun videos to help you SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

Keeping it Real with AMQ Podcast

We are what we eat, and a big focus for us this year was nutrition. View our newly expanded nutrition page which includes up-to-date research and expert opinions on the benefits of omega-3s and other nutrients that enhance both ocular and overall health. Check out our CHEF Recipes page to get ideas for fun ways to incorporate omega-3 essential fatty acids into your diet.

Collaborations are important to us, and this year we’ve worked with several outstanding industry leaders to produce content relating to DED, including discussions on mental health and webinars on this most important topic. We also explored ways to prevent worsening DED signs and symptoms, such as in this collaborative blog on the importance of using a high-quality preservative-free eye drop every day.

We’ve also worked with industry leaders to conduct clinical trials on our dry eye management and treatment solutions. Watch this video summarizing the significant results from a clinical trial conducted by Dr. Shaun MacInnes of Island Eyecare in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

We love giving back, and in this turbulent time of COVID-19 we have increased our efforts to provide aid by donating to several very deserving charitable organizations. These organizations continue to help people who need it the most, and we are so pleased to be able to support their good work.

While it has been a year full of ups and downs worldwide, we believe it is more important than ever to provide eye care professionals the most innovative, effective, and reliable diagnostics, management, and treatment solutions for dry eye disease. We would like to say a big thank you to all our clients and industry partners for supporting us in 2021. Happy holidays to all and we look forward to a bright and busy new year!