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I-MED Pharma, Inc., a Canadian company specializing in dry eye diagnosis and management is proud to announce the launch of I-DROP® PUR GEL in the United Arab Emirates, which obtained MOH approval in July 2020.

Philipp Binder, Vice-President of I-MED Pharma stated, “Given the climate on the Arabian Peninsula, we have always had strong demand for our class leading artificial tears from this world region. We are delighted to have achieved product registration and found the best possible partner in Pharmalink to now finally be able to help the dry eye sufferers in the Emirates.”

About Pharmalink

Pharmalink is a success story, spread over more than two decades; guided by the vision of Dr. AR Jabour, Pharmalink is now established as a leading supplier of medications in the UAE. Today Pharmalink supplies a wide range of product categories that addresses all age groups and specialties.

UAE has a strong medical infrastructure that can be compared with the best in the world. Pharmalink has in fact complemented this strength by bringing the best labels of medications from the world’s leading manufacturers making them available to the people through a well-organized distribution system. This has been made possible by the various Marketing & Distribution arrangements with leading brands in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and India.

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About I-MED Pharma

I-MED Pharma is a privately held Canadian company, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, servicing Canadian ophthalmologists, optometrists, and the global eye care community.

As a research-based firm with the vision to be the most important dry eye and ocular surface disease company in the world, I-MED Pharma provides innovative OSD & surgical solutions to the global optometry and ophthalmology community.  Through the years, I-MED Pharma has continuously invested heavily in R&D and has created unique and effective products for ophthalmic surgery and for the management of dry eye disease.

I-MED Pharma offers a complete range of ocular surface disorder products, including diagnostic tools,  artificial tears,  ocular hygiene cleanserspunctum plugsnutritional supplementstherapeutic accessories, as well as the E-Eye IRPL®, a long-lasting solution designed specifically for the treatment of dry eyes due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

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