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I-MED Pharma USA Gains Exclusive Distribution Rights for ESW Vision’s E>Eye and Tearcheck® in the United States


I-MED Pharma Inc., a Canadian company specializing in dry eye diagnosis and management, is proud to announce the expansion of their strategic partnership with ESW Vision in France to be their exclusive distributor in the United States. Through I-MED Pharma USA, two revolutionary dry eye devices will be available directly to all eye care professionals across the country.

E>Eye, is the first and only CE certified medical device in the world using patented IRPL® technology developed specifically for the treatment of dry eye disease caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the leading cause of evaporative dry eye.

This new type of polychromatic pulsed light produces perfectly calibrated and homogeneously sequenced “cold light” pulses which safely stimulate the meibomian glands to resume secretions, restoring the lacrymal film and improving symptoms associated with ocular dryness.

Tearcheck® is a dry eye diagnostic and analyzer tool that performs nine exams in under ten minutes. The innovative technology and unique usability of this diagnostic device creates a new standard for dry eye analysis.

Philipp Binder, President and Chief Operations Officer of I-MED Pharma stated, “We are proud to be building on the worldwide success of these two innovative and leading-edge dry eye devices. With thousands of units installed worldwide, this technology has become globally regarded as the gold standard. These devices have been quickly recognized as the number one technology in Canada by eye care professionals and we are excited to bring this innovation to the US market. Our strategic collaboration with ESW Vision over the last three years has pushed us forward in our mission to bring complete relief to dry eye and ocular surface disease patients worldwide.”

About I-MED Pharma USA

I-MED Pharma USA is a subsidiary of I-MED Pharma Inc., a privately held Canadian company, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. As a research-based firm with the vision to be the most important dry eye and ocular surface disease company in the world, I-MED Pharma provides innovative OSD solutions to the global optometry and ophthalmology community. Through the years, I-MED Pharma has continuously invested heavily in R&D and has created unique and effective products for the management of dry eye disease. A pioneer in the field of artificial tears and ocular hygiene cleansers, I-MED Pharma’s signature product lines include I-DROP® and I-LID ’N LASH®, which are sold around the world.

I-MED Pharma offers a complete range of ocular surface disorder products, including diagnostic tools,  artificial tearsdry eye ointmentocular hygiene cleanserspunctum plugsnutritional supplementstherapeutic accessories, as well as the E>Eye IRPL®, a long-lasting solution designed specifically for the treatment of dry eyes due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.

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