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Good Morning Rilley

I would like to thank you for the Pur Gel Drops. I had an issue in February and have been using the drops diligently everyday. I want to share with you my dilemma in wearing contact lenses due to my dry eyes. Since using the Pur, I feel comfortable keeping my contacts on for a longer period of time than my comfort level allowed in the past. The soothing effect of the drops is evident immediately.

Both my daughters have been using the Pur and Pur Gel for a number of years. Our family has been recommending the I Med products to our friends and family.

Since October, my uncle started to use the MGD as he has been in the hospital with health issues. The medications he had been prescribed have caused severe dryness in his eyes, In addition, the hospital does not allow patients to bring in a humidifier due to safety concerns with electric cords. The relief he has found with MGD speaks volumes about the product and the features that I Med affiliates with the MGD. He is now a regular user of the MGD and will not go back to Hydrasense.

Thank you for your recommendations. We value your expertise and are so happy that you have  introduced us to products that are reliable and helpful.

Kind regards,
Nazeera and family.”