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Seeing Red: Ocular Rosacea & Dry Eye Disease

(I-MED Pharma) Dry eye is often a chronic disease that can cause patients to experience both discomforting physical symptoms as well as mental distress, thereby affecting many day-to-day activities and reducing quality of life. There are many risk factors for the development or worsening of dry eye, including in some cases, other diseases. In this […]

Pull the Plug on Dry Eye

(I-MED Pharma) Dry eye disease (DED) is a condition that affects over 340 million people worldwide. There are two forms of DED: evaporative dry eye (EDE) and aqueous deficient dry eye (ADDE). EDE occurs when the eyes do not produce the right quality of tears, resulting in the tears not being able to properly lubricate […]

Dry Eye Relief: The Recipe to Fight Dry Eye

Updated September 2023 (I-MED Pharma) As the saying goes, “you are what you eat,” so who’s to say that what you eat can’t also help improve certain eye conditions, too? Now, it’s obvious that adding certain vitamin supplements can be great for overall health, but there are specific ones, namely Omega-3 fatty acids, that have […]

Spotlights & Highlights 2022

(I-MED Pharma) Another successful year in the world of I-MED Pharma has come to an end, and it is with great pride that we take a moment to reflect upon what we have achieved as a company over the past year. The 2022 year started off with a major change. In January, I-MED Pharma relocated […]

Diabetes and Dry Eye: Issues, Symptoms, and Exams

(I-MED Pharma) The TFOS DEWS II Report defines dry eye as a multifactorial disease of the ocular surface, explaining that it is “a significant and complex, functional disorder that cannot be characterized by a single process, sign or symptom.”[1] Many risk factors can lead to the development or worsening of this ocular surface disorder, including […]

The Legend of Weeping Valley

(I-MED Pharma) The following tale was told to me one dark, Halloween night, deep in the warehouse of I-MED Pharma and is written here in almost the exact words in which I heard it. The storyteller claimed to have found the legend among some old papers, buried deep among the shipping boxes. In the heart […]

Flashing a Light on Dry Eye

(I-MED Pharma) Do you have dry eyes? If so, you’re not alone, as approximately 30% of Canadians suffer from dry eye disease. Are your dry eyes caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD)? A significantly higher proportion of dry eye disease patients show signs of evaporative dry eye resulting from MGD, with 86% of qualified patients […]

The Four Seasons of Dry Eye

(I-MED Pharma) Author’s Note: Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” is a perfect listening companion to this read. Dry eye disease can be a chronic condition with discomforting symptoms occurring year-round. Because certain environmental factors can affect how the eyes feel and contribute to disease progression, listed below are some suggestions for managing dry eye during […]

A Tale of Dry Eye

(I-MED Pharma) Dry eye is a growing concern. With an estimated 30% of the Canadian population suffering from this disease, it’s important to remember that it can affect anyone, of any age. Booking regular screenings with an eye care professional, taking preventative measures such as limiting screen-time, and incorporating proper dry eye management solutions is […]

Diagnose, Treat, and Manage: The Three-Pronged Approach for Dry Eye

(I-MED Pharma) The face of dry eye is changing, no longer the traditional image of a post-menopausal woman, because this prevalent disease can affect anyone – from preteens to the elderly – in part due to the increasing use of screens in our digital world. Effective diagnosis, treatment, and subsequent at-home management of dry eye […]

Defeating Dry Eye: Walkthrough

(I-MED Pharma) Hey gamers, didn’t see that sniper lurking across the map? Maybe it’s because you’ve got dry eyes! Next time, manage those dry eye symptoms and protect those in-game stats with the help of I-MED Pharma to experience a better and more comfortable gaming experience. Initiating Dry Eye Let’s face it, staring at a […]