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Diagnostic Tools

I-MED Pharma Has the Quickest, Most Reliable and Economical Diagnostic Tools Available for Accurately Measuring Tear Osmolarity and Tear Volume in Your Patients.

I-PEN® Tear Osmolarity System

Detect and Monitor Tear Osmolarity Quickly and Effectively

Osmolarity testing is the most objective way of diagnosing and measuring dry eye disease and the single best marker of disease severity. I-MED Pharma is pleased to offer you the I-PEN®, which used in conjunction with the single-use-sensors, is the only diagnostic testing device to detect and measure the elevated tear film osmolarity levels associated with marginal, mild, moderate, and severe DED.

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Strip Meniscometry Test For Measuring Tear Volume

This is a non-invasive test where tear volume is quantified within five seconds, with no anaesthetic required. Replace the Schirmer’s Test in your practice and go from five minutes to five seconds with accurate and reliable results.

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