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December 9, 2020, (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Article published in December issue of MEDTECH OUTLOOK Magazine

 Taking Eye Care to the Next Level

Dry eye disease has plagued the population for years. An estimated 300 million people worldwide suffer from dry eyes. The condition has evolved from being a secondary problem to one of the fastest-growing issues in ophthalmology today. Dry eyes can be a source of daily discomfort and the underlying cause is not always easy to determine. Several factors, including excess time spent in front of screens (smartphone, computer, television), severe dry weather conditions or humidity, hereditary factors, and even wearing contact lenses, are known to worsen dry eyes. While there are numerous advances in eye drops and treatment options for dry eye, there hasn’t always been an optimal solution in the marketplace that offered long-lasting comfort and relief at an affordable cost. This changed when I-MED Pharma, a Canadian medical device company specializing in dry eye diagnosis and management, came out with the world’s first viscoadaptive artificial tear which contained a top quality hyaluronan component. Subsequently, a complete, unique line of dry eye products followed.

Daniel Hofmann, president, and CEO of I-MED Pharma, says, “We strive to continually research, develop, and commercialize a comprehensive set of ocular disease diagnostics and treatments with unrivaled value for all our patients and partners.” I-MED Pharma creates and distributes the most effective and advanced solutions to eye disorders like cataracts, corneal degeneration, dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

The firm’s latest product, I-DROP® MGD, is a premium, preservative-free artificial tear that will help relieve symptoms associated with evaporative dry eye. It contains a lipid layer enhancer and osmoprotectant that offers much-needed relief to patients. “It’s like the ‘Ferrari’ of eye drops when it comes to quality and innovation. We started the R&D for I-DROP® MGD about six years ago, when Meibomian Gland Dysfunction was revealed to be the primary cause of dry eye in over 60 percent of cases,” adds Hofmann. Today, the product is the most advanced eye drop for hydrating and lubricating the cornea. It stabilizes and enhances the lipid layer while reducing the evaporation of the tear film.

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