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Is it dry eye or just allergies?

Is it dry eyes or just allergies?

(I-MED Pharma) Red, itchy, inflamed eyes that burn… How’s one to tell if that’s the gift that comes with the onset of spring, or dry eye? Although both conditions share similar symptoms, there are some stark differences that set them apart. Allergies and dry eyes Allergies and dry eye have overlapping symptoms, which, to the […]

Congratulations! It’s… Dry Eye? How Pregnancy Affects the Eyes

Dry Eyes and Pregnancy: Why and How to Manage

(I-MED Pharma) Dry eye syndrome statistically affects women more than men. A theory for this is that hormones cause dry eyes, and these hormone changes throughout a woman’s life can fluctuate during menstruation, menopause, and even pregnancy. The reasons for dry eye during pregnancy are important to be understood and should be noted to establish […]

To Pour or Not to Pour? Understanding Alcohol’s Effect on Dry Eyes

Can Alcohol Cause Dry Eyes?

(I-MED Pharma) Have you found that your dry eye symptoms get worse after a night out, and now you’re asking yourself “can alcohol cause dry eyes”? In fact, alcohol may be playing a role in the cause of your dry eye symptoms, or at the very least, making them worse. Properties of Alcohol and Dry […]

Can dry eyes cause headaches?

Can Dry Eyes Cause Headaches?

(I-MED Pharma) Do you ever feel like your dry eye and headache symptoms are related? You’re not alone. Many people experience both headache symptoms along with uncomfortable dry eye symptoms. But can dry eye actually cause headaches, or are the two ailments completely unrelated? It’s a bit complicated, but there are a few theories that […]


(I-MED Pharma) And that’s a wrap! As 2023 comes to a close, we look back on another incredible year full of new milestones. Product launches Starting off 2023 on the right foot, we released a 30-day format of our I-VU® OMEGA-3 PLUS capsules, creating a more affordable way for patients to try our omega-3 for […]

Does exercise help dry eyes? How hitting the gym can bring gains for your eyes

Does exercise help dry eyes?

(I-MED Pharma) It’s well-known that physical activity is good for overall health, but did you know that physical exercise can also help improve symptoms of dry eye? And more than that, that there are specific eye exercises that may help improve ocular function? Interestingly enough, it seems as though exercise may help reduce inflammation in […]

More than meets the eye: eyelash extensions & dry eye disease

Dry Eye Disease and Blepharitis from Eyelash Extensions: Info and Prevention

(I-MED Pharma) Long eyelashes have been a staple of beauty and cosmetic focus for centuries. Mascara, false lashes, magnetic lashes, and more have risen in popularity to achieve fuller, longer, and thicker lashes. With that has come the rise of eyelash extensions, which is a cosmetic procedure where synthetic eyelashes are individually applied onto real […]

Dry Eye Disease: Who is Most at Risk?

Risk Factors for Dry Eye

(I-MED Pharma) It is estimated that dry eye disease affects over 340 million people worldwide. Due to its pervasiveness, it has recently been recognized as a global public health problem. [1] Dry eye disease occurs when the tears do not lubricate the eye properly, either due to a lack of tear production, or due to […]