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I-MED Pharma Inc. shall not be liable for any injury or damage suffered by a patient because of implantation technique, prescription, selection and use of any I-MED Pharma Inc. product by the physician. The physician shall exercise sole judgment and bear sole responsibility for selecting and performing any method or technique of surgery and for prescribing use of a medical device for any patient or patient’s condition.


Minimum order $100.00 unless otherwise specified. Product presentations must be ordered in minimum shipping quantities listed, or in multiples thereof.


I-MED Pharma Inc. cannot be held liable for any failure to fulfill any contract or supply any materials due to labour disputes, fires, explosions, floods, riots, lockouts, injunctions, interruptions of transportation, unavoidable accidents, inability to obtain supplies at reasonable prices or other causes beyond our control.


Information and product descriptions may change without notice.


If packages arrive in a damaged condition or are lost, please insist upon the transportation company’s agent, noting the damage or loss upon your bill. Goods are shipped at consignee’s risk. I-MED Pharma Inc. will, however, assist in the process of claims against the carrier provided I-MED Pharma Inc. is notified within 7 days of receiving the shipment.


Payment via credit card, VISA or MasterCard, may ONLY be made at the time the order is placed. Credit cards will not be accepted for payment of invoices showing terms and transmitted to the client either by mail or e-mail.


1. All returns must have a valid Return Goods Authorisation (RGA) number from customer service before
being sent back to I-MED. To obtain an RGA number please complete the Return Policy Form to provide customer service with:

a. Customer name,
b. Customer number,
c. Product name,
d. Lot number, and
e. Expiration date.

2. Product returns or exchanges may be authorized if:

a. At least 6 months after purchase,
b. At least 6 months of expiry remaining,
c. Less than 40 units,
d. The product to be exchanged from any specific order(s) has not been previously exchanged,
e. There is no pending or subsequent order of the same product.

*I-LID’N LASH® HOCL Spray is the only product that can be returned 3 months prior to expiry

3. Accounts are eligible for returns or exchanges twice a year.

4. All returns will incur a 25% restocking fee unless:

a. Client agrees to receive product training. If product training is given the client may return the
product free of charge at any time for 6 months after at no charge.

5. Returns will be given as credit towards the purchase of a product.

a. Amount of credit will be based on the price paid at the time of purchase. If free product was
part of the order containing the product to be exchanged, then it will be subtracted first, e.g.:

i. The client purchased 20 of product A and received 1 free. If they want to exchange 6
units, they will receive credit for 6 units of product A – 1 free unit of product A = 5 units
ii. The client purchased 20 of product A (@ $10 price) and received 1 product B (@ $5 list
price) free. If they want to exchange 6 units of product A, they will receive credit for 6
units of product A – the list price of 1 unit of product B (6 x $10 – 1 x $5 = $55).

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